Academic Art of Riding

5So much about riding photos is about understanding the feeling you seek as a rider. Consequently the better I have become as a rider, the nicer the moments I see through the lense.

I have ridden since early childhood and have had the fortune of some exceptional teachers like Pluto Gora XXVI (lipizzaner), Hermitage (hunter), Sigge (shetland pony), Almero (knabstuper) as well as mr Bent Branderup and my amazing friend Franz (SWB).

After an accident I lost much of my mobility in my hands and the ability to feel with my fingers. I lost a lot, but I also gained new things. I had to relearn language, movement, basic stuff. And I had to learn to ride again, in a totally new way. The Academic Art of Riding, with the seat as primary aid, made this possible.  The long education of horse and rider from ground is my safety, this is how my horses become handicapp adapted.

In some ways I am of course still handicapped, more so than I care to admit, but I prefer to see this as a strong motivator to educate my patience and to strengthen the parts of me that do work. And it keeps forcing me to think outside the box for alternative ways to do what should be impossibly out of reach. This far, together with Franz, we have reached the level of Squire. It is amazing how far you can get if you
have the stamina to walk the path – be it with tiny babysteps.

If you are interested in clinics, workshops or private lessons you are welcome to contact me. I also give
lessons online if you live too far away for travel.

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